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OPEN API services with major global exchanges

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API Linked Trading Tool

Provides a variety of trading and community


Industry-leading trading volume and liquidity provided
Various trading pairs
Up to 40% trade fee benefit

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Solid security and reliable trading system, Built databases for numerous users, BYBIT unique user-friendly customer service
Up to 30% trade fee benefit

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Social Trading

Sharing skills and information from experienced traders , Cryptocurrency Information Community for General/New users, Join users all over the world.

Portal Trading Platform

What will be the next platform?
API Linkage with validated exchanges
You can experience the new exchange with the same interface.

IMMT Mining

Pouring rewards every time mining is done


Provides a variety of information through easy, convenient functions and communities.

API Portal Trading Service

API Linkage technology that connects everything

COINRF provides portal trading services by using OPEN API keys to integrate with various exchanges. You can use our services without visiting each exchange. Experience various services and trading tools with COINRF.

Trading Tool

Provides various easy trading tools

COINRF offers a wide range of trading tools adequate from beginners to professionals.
[Representative function : Auto Price] Scalping and day-trading also available for beginners, 50% off commission effect! It can only be experienced on the COINRF

Same Interface

Accessibility and ease of use with familiar interfaces

COINRF applies easy-to-use and optimized trading tools uniformly to multiple exchanges to enhance user accessibility and convenience.

Community & Cryptocurrency Information

Diverse information community for users

Provides the latest cryptocurrency issues and information for a better communication channel for users, and furthermore, a community for social trading

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